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3-Day Vegan

Meal Plan

Kickstart your vegan journey and learn how to eat healthier using a plant-based approach. Download my guide below and learn how: 

Download the ebook and get:


Daily meal guide

My top tips on how to plan your meals, what foods to eat and suitable meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.




Along with the meal plan you can find information about the ingredients and cooking methods (if necessary) for each meal.


Nutrition information

Get information on what foods are the healthiest options to add to your meals.



About the author:

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Davina is the founder of Vegan Fitness Co who specifically helps people to create a healthier and happier lifestyle through plant-based food. As well as being a passionate Vegan Nutrition Health Coach, she is also a level 3 certified Personal Trainer.

This FREE ebook guide has been designed with a lot of thought, to give you the initial tools and information you need to begin or expand your vegan journey, and embrace the plant powered lifestyle, enjoy!

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